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The exemption on sale to unregistered partners ends on May 1, 2023 !

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Dear seller,
HP maintains a Selective Distribution Network for the distribution and reselling of HP products and services in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (the “Territory”). As a result, all HP authorized partners must meet certain technical or professional standards (“Selective Distribution Criteria”) to ensure that HP products and services are properly marketed, ensuring an optimal customer experience.


HP Authorized Partner List 
In a Selective Distribution Network, partners are authorized to purchase from and resell to other authorized partners, as well as to sell to end customers.

HP will establish an HP Authorized Partner List, listing all HP Authorized Partners for HP branded core Home Printing Solutions (HPS) & Office Printing Solutions (OPS) and DesignJet volume ink and toner cartridges and print hardware products (“Print Transactional Products”) in the Territory, including a Search Tool.
The HP Authorized Partner List will be live as from 1 November 2022. If you wish to purchase or sell Print Transactional Products as from then, you will need to be registered on HPs Authorized Partners List. Registration is conditional on you continuing to meet the relevant Selective Distribution Criteria. As part of the registration, you will be requested to confirm your acceptance of the HP Authorized Partner List Terms, including the Selective Distribution Criteria and the undertaking to only purchase Print Transactional Products from other listed HP Authorized Partners in the Territory and to only sell Print Transactional Products to end customers or other listed HP Authorized Partners in the Territory.


Invitation to Register as HP Authorized Partner 
If you are receiving this communication, it means that you have not yet accepted HP’s Selective Distribution Criteria by registering as an HP Authorized Partner. HP welcomes all sellers accepting to meet the Selective Distribution Criteria and invites you to register using the below tool.

After accepting the HP Authorized Partner List Terms and successful registration, you will be added to the HP Authorized Partner List. This means you will be eligible to trade (buy and sell) Print Transactional Products in accordance with those terms, including the Selective Distribution Criteria.
The HP Authorized Partner List will take effect on 1 November 2022. The registration tool will remain open indefinitely and you will be able to register at any time, prior or after 1 November 2022.


Where can I find the HP Authorized Partner List?
Once you are registered, you will be able to access the HP Authorized Partner List in the HP Authorized Partner Search Tool.

Should you have any questions, please contact: SDN_EMEA@hp.com or contact your export manager LAMA Plus.


HP Omni-Channel Policy Team


HPs Selective Distribution Network: HP Authorized Partner List 

- original document for download HERE